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Monte del Re - Dozza
Monte del Re, a four-stars hotel, welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of serenity, inspiring meditation, typical of all convents and monasteries. It’s especially favoured from the point of view of communications due to many positive factors, first of all the A14 motorway exit at Castel San Pietro Terme...
The oldest documented report of the name Dozza dates from 1126: castrum Dutie probably derives from the early Middle Ages Latin word doccia, indicating the presence of a conduit for carrying water into a tank or cistern for the people’s use. Water was once scarce here, and the emphasis on its presence is seen also in the names of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Piscina and the very old parish church of San Lorenzo in Piscirano.


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Borgo di Vigoleno (PC)....

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Aerial sea view - Cesenatico (FC)...

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