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Monte del Re, a four-stars hotel, welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of serenity, inspiring meditation, typical of all convents and monasteries. It’s especially favoured from the point of view of communications due to many positive factors, first of all the A14 motorway exit at Castel San Pietro Terme.
This important line of communication makes it possible to reach such important structures as the Bologna Exhibition Centre and the Airport G.Marconi quickly. Above all, its hilltop position attracts clients seeking places having a natural interest toghether with comfort and good food. Its elegant furniture, its architecture and prestigious history make Monte del Re a point of reference for a refined and demanding clientele, which loves the choose places of historical interest with a distinct appealOur swimming pool offer confortable atmosphere and relax for our clients; for aperitifs and welcome-drinks on the board of the pool; to combine your personal requirements in elegance and life style.

The restaurant offers a cuisine which tends to re-discover the ancient flavours of the culinary traditions of Emilia Romagna, national and international, with a touch of creativeness of the gourmet wines.

In the parish territory of San Lorenzo di Piscerano, formerly in the Marquisate of the Malvezzi Campeggi family, at 289 metres above sea level, on a pleasant hill crowned with cypress trees, the small Monastery of the Friars Minor of Monte del Re was established in the thirteenth century and lasted for over 5 hundred years. It was certainly due to the mystical atmosphere which dwelt in it that someone called Monte del Re “The hill of Paradise”, as Pope Clement IV, in a document of 1266, had already called the hill of Assisi. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact year the Monastery was founded, because the archives have disappeared, undoubtedly during the napoleonic era when monastic orders were suppressed. It was already known under this name before 1280, by Frà Salimbene of Parma, one of the first chroniclers of Italian literature, who spent one year of his monastic life there. The Monastery certainly existed at the beginning of the 1250s. Historical research leads us to think it was built immediately after the visit by Saint Francis of Assisi to Imola, around 1213. Several interesting anecdotes have grown in popular tradition around Saint Francis' visit. The wooden cross, still standing near the church at the end of the steps, was erected, according to tradition, by Saint Francis himself in 1223. The friars then are said to have built a solid masonry foundation so that such a precious relic would not be lost. Two events show that Monte del Re, however small it may have been, found itself for a few brief moments at the centre of the history of the Franciscan Order. The first was around 1630, when the Father General of the Order of the Monastery Minors stayed at Monte del Re for over 100 days, directing the order in all the Provinces of its competence from there. The second was when, both in 1479 and in 1709, the small monastery was chosen as the seat for the Chapter Acts. Monte del Re was therefore a Franciscan monastery until the suppression of the Orders decreed by Napoleon. It was then purchased by Count Sassatelli, who made it his “country residence”. After passing through several hands, it was permanently occupied by the Imola Seminarians until 1969.

Description, images, rates, online reservation and moreMonte del Re web page



Monte del Re
Via Monte del Re, 43 - 40050 Dozza (BO)


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