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A magical gulf a magnificent view, a fairy castle: where else but the Castello Miramare, a hotel-restaurant, the only one of its kind...
Historically part of the ancient Earth province of Job in Campania, transferred to the Lazio in the fascist period, is born after the unit of Italy on the rests of the Formiae Roman from the union of three common ones: Castellone, Maranola and Mola (already Mola di Gaeta). Carefullied lay down just to the center of the Gulf of Gaeta, Formia has origins that forgiveness in the myth and are red-establish to the legend of Troy and peregrinare of Ulisse on the way of the return. All the mythical tradition remembers this zone like earth of the Lestrigoni, people rudi and primiti to you, and to the city of these giant cannibals the ships of Ulisse landed you and from which only its succeeded to save itself. The Formia name comes made to derive from the Hormiai Greek, landing place, to indicate the tranquillity of the shelter supplied from the gulf. Of preitalica formation and aurunca as it demonstrates the long and poderosa town-walls of walls poligonali, in good part conserved along the coast and in the quarter of Castellone, Formia has been a tourist locality a lot appreciated in roman age like testifies the numerous rests of villas, between which it celebrates were those of Mamurra and Mecenate. On this drawn of the gulf it came to realize one of its prebeloved houses of campaign, also Guide. Just to Formia Guide it had the dead women from the sicari of Antonio in December 43 a.C. while she tried to escape to the proscrizioni. The city is remembered also in order to have given the NATO them to Vitruvio Pollione, lived to the age of Tito, author of a dealt poderoso and appreciated on the architecture. The octagonal tower of the "Castellone"Con the fall of the roman empire Formia was depredated and its inhabitants after the descent of the Barbarians and the war Greek-gotica, then escaped on near dividendosi hills in two nuclei, become suburbs of Gaeta: that marine of Mola di Gaeta, that it took name from the flour mills that were in activity, near which it was erected to the end of XIII the century from Carl II of Angiņ one fortilizio and, in the zone to collinare that one of Castellone. The Castellone name derives from the castle constructed from Honored the Caetani, conte of Bottoms, around the second half of XIV the century. Garden with rich citrus groves has separated for centuries the two rioni, as they show also corografiche papers of i centuries XVI and XVIII. In the 1863 villages they were re-united with the name of Formia. "Or moderated dulce Formiae litus..", the mitezza of the climate declaimed from Martial in the epigramma dedicated to the Apollinare friend and its villa formina is not one simple poetica expression but one truth; thanks to its position on the sea, protect from Gaeta to the west and hills to the shoulders, Formia boasts an enviable climatic condition, than with to it runs aground them of Vindicio, Acquatraversa, S. Janni and Gianola renders it one searched tourist goal. For the sport world, Formia is above all the house of the athletes, is in fact center of the National School of Track-and-field of the CONES, founded in 1955. Important is the position of the city regarding the connections: Formia tos be distant little tens of kilometers from the casello highway of Cassino and is served from the railway line Rome - Naples. Moreover function of relief in the marine traffic has also one. They make head the lines you of connection with the islands pontine (Ponza and Ventotene.)


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