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You are going to live a dream………. A dream that will become a fantastic reality, if you wish. The Castelluccia castle Hotel...
According to the tradition the city of Rome was founded the 21 opens them of the 753 a.C., in truth, it rose little little, a quarter to the time. The first hill to being occupied was perhaps the Palatino, where insedị around to X the century, one Latin colony, just on that part that watches the Tevere. In that point the river is divided from the Tiberina island, point of obliged passage not only for the commerce that carried out between North and South, but also for what from the sea it was developed towards the inside of the Lazio and of Italy centers them for fluvial way. The archaeological rests more antichi find again to you on the Palatino attest the existence to us of a village of huts encircled from an earthwork: the square Rome of the tradition. Not much later the progressive one evolversi of an exchange economy sped up the creation of empori trades them, in which they met the goodses in arrival and from which left those to export. Subsequently thanks to the conformation that the nature had given to that place, encircling it of distant necks from the sea, it divenne an ideal point in order to be sure from every danger. It was therefore that new Latin populations of the inside were induced to occupy other zones (Esquilino, Celio, Quirinale and Capitolino) and to giving origin between the X and the WAYS sec. to C., new villages. These, gathered in sacred alloy, founded Rome and began, with a monarchic experience, the millenarian history of the eternal city.


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