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Hotel Castello Chiola - Loreto Aprutino
The impressive and stately Castello Chiola arises from the top of the hill around which nestles the medieval town of Loreto Aprutino...
Clustered on a knoll in the Tavo valley, the ancient Roman town of Laurentum is pleasingly medieval in appearance. This is particularly evident in the upper part of the town where some 15th century buildings are located. Outstanding examples include the parish church of San Pietro Apostolo, with its loggia punctuated by Romanesque three-light windows. The ‘Acerbo’ Gallery of Ancient Pottery from Abruzzo, a collection of 600 pieces from the 15th century to the 20th century, is also worth a visit. Each spring on the first Monday after Pentecost, the streets are thronged by a procession for the Festa di San Zopito. On this occasion, a child dressed as an angel parades astride a majestic ox bedecked with festive trappings.


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San Vito Chietino beach...

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