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In Pescasseroli, in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, in one of the most enchanting mountain areas of Italy: the wild scenic beauty and the incredible variety of flora and fauna....

Pescasseroli lies in a wide plain amid a mountainous landscape of uncontaminated beauty in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzi, one of the most ancient natural parks established in Italy, and a model for a controlled development in protected areas. A little far away there are the springs of the Sangro river. The economy in the past was mostly based on sheep raising and wood crafts; after the unity of Italy the crisis of the agricultural and pastoral economy of the previous Kingdom of Naples led to a massive emigration. Later on the establishment of the National Park of Abruzzo, which was founded here on 9 september 1922, paved the way to a new development, and nowadays Pescasseroli is a residential area, a great craftswork centre, an important tourist resort both in summer and in winter, with its 20 km long ski-fields, and the starting point for many excursions in the Park.

The place, rich in water, woods and natural caves, was inhabited since prehistory, and probably Castel Mancino, thanks to its strategic position, was a citadel of the ancient Peligni population before the rise of the Roman civilization. In the early Middle Ages it was a feifdom of the Counts of Celano, and then of the Di Sangro and the d'Aquino. The first mention is in a bull of Pope pasquale II, mentioning a church of "Sancti Pauli" in the jurisdiction of "pesculum serulae". On the ruins ot the Italic fortress, a castle was built in the 13th century to control access to the Sangro valley. The history of Pescasseroli is connected to its prevalently pastoral economy and woodwork (also traditionally a by-product of the long hours of idleness of shepherds guarding their flocks). The little town was the starting point of one of the great "tratturi" leading to the South and crossing present-day Molise to Apulia


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San Vito Chietino beach...

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