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Dimora del Prete di Belmonte - Venafro
The Palace of the delPrete di Belmonte Bed&Breakfast rises in the middle of the old center of the city of Venafro Next to it, on the Piazza del Cristo, stands the church of the same name...
Venafro a small, quaint city in the province of Isernia, lies in Molise Region of Italy (one hour drive from Naples and two hours from Roma). It is located in the lovely valley of the Mount Santa Croce. In Venafro, one can find ruins of a Roman acqueduct, theatre and anphitheatre. Also of interest is the Cathedral wich, built in the late-Romanesque style, has a portale flanked by two marble lions and three apses erected using materials from Roman tombs. The lombard castle, built in the 15th century, is also a worthy sight. Recently, the interior of the castle has been restored, bringing to light beautiful and unique frescoes of horses that are not only life-size but also in relief. The archeological museum in the convent of St.Chiara exihbits Roman ruins, including a precious collection donated by the delPrete family.


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Il bagno della pastora “Basilio Cascella”... 2.gif (7737 byte)

San Vito Chietino beach...

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