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Harmony and natural beauty are the most important features of Villa San Martino, a superb country resort surrounded by a park, just outside Martina Franca...
The origins of Frank Martina go back to X the century, when on the Mount of Saint Martino a small village of profughi rose tarantini, are escaped from the continuous devastations of the Saraceni, and to which community of shepherds joined one subsequently. Around to 1300 it was elect common on order of the Prince of Taranto Filippo of Angi˛, but second some historical documents, it is possible to assume that Frank Martina had been before that date also a military outpost to guard of the territory of Taranto or one residence of some nobleman. It is sure but that Filippo the granted Martinas to Peter of the Touch in order ricompensar it of the servigi from he carried out. The territory to the age consisted in a castle situated historically in puts into effect them called zone "Montedoro", and from two miles of land around to the castle, embezzled from the territory of Taranto, the University of Monopolies and the University of Ostuni for the rural takeover of peasants and "Messeri" (in martinese ¨ masser, that is landladies of poderi and goes lands to you). It seems that Filippo d' Angi˛ had granted also of the rights and of the exemptions to who had come to insediarsi to Martina, and for this was called "Frank". The name of the city is dedicated to the Saint Saint patron Martino, celebrated 11 November. The tradition wants that the Saint is more times run in aid of the citizens, proteggendoli in several occasions from the barbaric invasions and the onslaught .



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