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Masseria Salamina - Pezze di Greco
The place for you to enjoy a holiday out in the countryside with good natural food and the pleause of living, as in old times. The Masseria Salamina Farm is composed of about 173 acres...
Masseria San Martino - Pezze di Greco
Immersed in an olive grove of 2600 trees, Masseria San Martino is located just a few miles from the sea and is situated amid Puglia's most spectacular country side...


The foundation of this citizen must to the good operositÓ of some peasants come from Fasano be cultivated and be improved these lands towards year 1823. To that time the masseria comprised the greater part of the territory puts into effect them of Pezze di Greco belonged to the Greek family, whose casato of the Frank Martinas said the name to the property. The Greek masseria was an immense land zone lacking in trees, only used after the cultivation of grain, luffs, forages and legumi: for this "pezze" grossly came calls, from plot of ground. This, joined to the name of the owner, formed the name puts into effect them of the country, Pezze di Greco. For wanting of Mr. Greco, that it wanted to improve the zone, the land was aliquot in lotteries and yielded in driven in to the coloni. Subsequently some peasants felt the necessity to settle down themselves in own lands and in the poderi they rose then of the trulli. In the 1837 they were stipulates the first actions to you of land purchase. The Greek casato one stopped to exist for lack of eredi males and mrs. Greco, become by now old, had need of attendance: a woman of Apollonia name was indicated, that she instructd and to which gave in inheritance the casato one. The husband of Apollonia, Tommaso Gaito, decided of giving the rest of the deep ones in driven in in year 1837. The manufactured one of the masseria was acquired from the commission of erigenda the parochial church and intestate to the parish priest for time, with it obligation to begin the construction within a year. In this period the Borbone government combined the understood one them of its reign with the extreme border of the Salento. With a decree he came constructed puts into effect it them road that passes for Pezze di Greco. It was one of the greatest works than that government: the construction came finished in year 1841. In 1898 to Fasano the first elections were carried out. For the government of the State the two Giambattista siblings were chosen and Giammatteo Colucci, the first one as mayor, the second was a deputy to the Italian parliament. The advantages were immense. With the opening to the public of a competition, that it was gained from the Dottor D. Cosimo Monopolies, it was fixed the residence of the doctor to Pezze. But, with its dead women, it deprived the citizens of this comfort.



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