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Locanda di San Martino - Matera
The Locanda di San Martino lies in the heart of Matera’s “Sassi” Historical District, and at the same time it is...
Matera is the town of the Sassi, the ancient quarters that, shrouded in archaic charm, are an example of an incomparable urban structure: Sassi and the facing Murgia Plateau are now inscribed on the World Heritage List on behalf of UNESCO, a patrimony belonging to all mankind. Town of one hundred and more rock-hewn churches, revealing Latin and Byzantine frescoes, inspired by the mysticism of solitary monks and embodied in religious art. Of equal cherm are the small towns and villages surrounding Matera, with their characteristic and lovely twon centres, whose ancient streets will amaze the passers-by, who cannot but perceive the efforts and the hardships of the people, and that will also reveal traditions, folk celebrations, religious feasts, the spontaneous hospitality and the inviting food. A totally enrapturing territory, from the splendour of its Jonian coasts with fine sandy shores and its original naturalistic environment to the charm of the ravines, monasteries and the "incandescent" gullies, all gerns that will enchant its visitors.


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Tirrenic coast sea view..

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I Sassi di Matera..

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