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This is without doubt one of the most important and interesting towns in the Pollino National Park. Its location is in an excellent position for being able to cast one’s glance over the Calabrian slope of the Pollino massif, and the peaks of the Docedorme and the Serra del Prete. The town’s situation is such that it also enjoys a singular panorama, which was once also strategic, over the large Coscile Valley, - the ancient Sybaris. The attractive and monumental town of Morano is arranged as a collection of three districts which are located around the castle and the larger churches; it develops down the valley, moving through the Middle Ages to more modern times, within a system of town walls. The urban structure, intricate and close-knit, makes this locality one of the most evocative and complete historical towns of Medieval origins in Calabria. Places to visit are: the Church of San Bernardino, dedicated to the Patron saint of Morano. It was built in 1452 by Antonio Sanseverino, the prince of Bisignano and was consacrated in 1485 by the Bishop of San Marco Argentano, Rutilio Zanone. This church constitutes one of the rarest and most beautiful architectural examples from the fourteen hundreds in existence in Calabria.

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