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Castello di Spessa Resorts - Capriva del Friuli
Situated on a gentle hill and surrounded by a magnificent green park, Castello di Spessa dominates a splendid view, to be admired in this part of the Friuli area. A symbol of tradition and nobility, even though this stately Castle is far removed ...
This locality is situated in Friuli Venice Julia and ago part of the province of Gorizia. The origins come made to go back to the roman age thanks to the ritrovamento of reperti archaeological in the outskirtses. To signal: the name derives from the kopriva Slovene (ortica) but some the considearno original from the Latin caput ripae. Prefixed the telephone one is 0481, counts approximately 1613 inhabitants and the CAP is 34070. From It appreciate of Isonzo laughed them towards the Cóllio and it is reached Capriva of the Friuli. The common one of Capriva comprises the fractions of Thick and the two Russiz, Advanced Inferior and. The history of Capriva has beginning in the castle of Thick and to Russiz villa. The castle has been constructed in the version puts into effect them on ending of XIX the century in place of one previous fortress of XIII the century. Today it is center of a wine company whose wine cellars of aging obtained in a bunker military are realized during the first world war. Not far away from the castle we find Russiz villa, constructed from the accounts the Tour that introduced the vitigni French in Friuli, and to some hundred of meters there is Advanced the Russiz property, been born on an ancient castle and today center of an important wine cellar.


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Udine - Aerial view with "Libertà" square and castle...

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Zoncolan Mount (UD)...

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