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Casaforte di Bergum - Remanzacco
The Bergum fortress represents a rare example of fortified rural architecture in Friuli: an ancient “castrum” which to this day preserves its ancient walls, its imposing defensive tower and its gracious “domus”...
Between the civil buildings of Remanzacco, the unusual complex of house-strong of Bergum arouses interest, with goticheggianti lapidei reasons and lacerti of it frescoes rinascimentali, but true and just jewel is the villa of the accounts of the Tower Valsassina di Ziracco, with courtyard of honor delimited from low constructions and lateral peasant courtyards that represent a unicum in Friuli, wide forehead on the public square and scalone external on the inner facade. Three rooms contain fresco of the end of the City 1700's of Andrea and the beginning of the 1800's of Domenico Paghini. To Ziracco, rural village with ancient characterized house of the vicinia from loggiato and the small bell cell mail on the overflow of the roof. To Remanzacco, in parochial of S. the Giovanni Batiste, two shovels of altar of Francisco Chiarottini (Madonna with Child and It knows to you; S. Elena finds again the cross) of the 1774 and cinquecentesco altare(foto) ligneo one of Giovanni Martini, coming from from the church of S. Stefano in cemetary.


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Lignano (UD) - Aerial view... 2.gif (8221 byte)

Udine - Aerial view with "Libertà" square and castle...

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Zoncolan Mount (UD)...

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