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Hotel Torre Cambiaso- Genova Pegli
House of a noble family, Torre Cambiaso is nowadays an unique Congress Center in its style, comfort and hospitality. Located...
Pegli is a circoscrizione of the common one of Genoa that, in a sure measure, it has conserved those characteristics of pregio acclimatizes them common a time to great part of the suburbio western. That is been worth them the role of residence characterized in placing, after that definitively the long and alternate vicissitude of the stay tourism has been concluded; vicissitude that, begun to half of the century slid with the fashion of the baths and the talassoterapia, it in the years after the Second World War landed to the bathing tourism of mass, of which the memory is still fresh. The first phase of city transformation laughed them anch' it to the second half of the past century. Between the 1856 (opening of the railroad Genoa Voltri) and 1879 the nineteenth-century center of Pegli, imperniato on the Ponchielli public square and the axis of via Pallavicini is born. From little finished, Pallavicini villa, put off center regarding the lived one, it was called, with the construction of the access tree-lined avenue, to a prominent role on the new city scene, which it came defining itself around Ponchielli Public square. Between the "imbarcadero" (to indicate the Railway station, with curious transposition of the marinaresca terminology), the before Michel Hotel and the same income of the villa, opened in head to the new road that of lý comes down to the sea. Pegli became therefore a prestigious summery and winter stay center, attended from the aristocracy of average Europe.

Cinque Terre

Cinque terre Porto Venere

Porto Venere

Infiorata corpus domini

Infiorata corpus domini

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