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Castello di Carimate - Carimate
The existence of the Castle is sure since 1149 A.D. It was destroyed in the XIII Century during the war between Milan and ComoThe existence of the Castle is sure since 1149 A.D. It was destroyed in the XIII Century during the war between Milan and Como...
The height of Carimate, surrounded from rich forests and fertile plains, neighbor to the valley of the Seveso torrent and to important ways of communication between Milan and Como, ago to think next to the remote presence of a fortress or a castle, also antecedent to XI the sure secolo.Testimonianza is the existence of a castle in 1149 that came destroyed in XIII the century in the war between Milan and Como and that Luchino Visconti made to reconstruct more resumptions to leave from 1345 calling it "Citadel", having this the aspect more than an imposing room that of one fortress. A group of forty of later years, the castle belonged to Caterina Visconti, daughter of Bernab˛ Visconti, donated them from Galeazzo Visconti, getlteman of Milan from 1386. Of its Caterina Visconti it made to dig the perimetrale ditch and it constructed the bridge levatoio. After the dead women of Galeazzo Visconti (the 1402) castle passed to Filippo Visconti Maria, duca of Milan. The castle and the assets of Carimate were granted in feudo 20 May 1434 to George Scaramuzza Visconti already Alicardi, condottiero of the duca. The new one invested of such assets was son of Domenico Aicardi di S. George di Lomellina, in the pavian. The history tells that, having the Aicardi discovered Domenico a conspiracy of noble from Milan against the life of Filippo Maria, became beloved to the duca so much to be insignito of the last name and the standard of Visconti. In the November of the year the 1493 ambassadors of Massimiliano of Asburgo, came in Italy with the assignment to marry by proxy, to name of their monarch and then to lead in Germany, White woman Maria Strains, daughter of Galeazzo Maria, After the festeggiamenti for the wedding, a numerous comitiva of personality accompanied White woman Maria in the travel, between these: duca the Giovanni Galeazzo and its Ludovico brother the Moor with Batrice d' Este, I guide Arciboldi, archbishop of Milan, giureconsulto the Giasone of the Maino, ambassadors Baldassare Pusterla, Erasmo Brasca and others. Reached Meda, the spouse with the continuation, was the necessity to lodge all these personalities. The comitiva, obviously uniforms and to Carimate taken Ludovico room the Moor with other members of the ducale family. In 1496 in travel for Pisa, Tanto passed from Carimate same Massimiliano emperor piacque the place that you soggiorn˛ in order very seven days, resting and hunting red deers in the surrounding forests. Some year later, this dwelling divenne the last shelter of Ludovico the Moor, than by now defeated in native land, wanted to repair in Germany with the family and the treasures. The sons lodged to Carimate, from where they continued then for the Europe center. Returning to the owners of the castle, a branch of the family Aicardi Visconti, extinguished the 26 september 1626 with the dead women of the last representative Hannibal Visconti, that it came buried in the adjacent church of S. Maria of the Tree. The castle and its assets passed to its cousins Ottavio Visconti conte of Riozzo, whose descendants held it until to the 27 July 1795, year of the dead women of Ludovico Visconti without eredi legitimate. All the assets and the castle were therefore remove to a higher court you to the public Federal property passing to the realcamera. The 19 frinale year V of the French Republic, 9 Decembers 1796, were acquire to you from Cristoforo Arnaboldi, citizen comasco, that it made of the castle its residence. In 1918 conte the Bernardo Arnaboldi Cazzaniga, dies and leaves the castle to the daughter Bice Arnaboldi conjugated with conte the Paul Airoldi di Robbiate. In 1956 the General Society Immobiliare of Rome not only acquires in block the property of the Arnaboldi accounts, constituted from the castle but from the park, the scuderie, from which a sage it operates of restructure will gain puts into effect it them hall center trades them and civic of the Press, leaves of the buildings of the old village of Carimate and all lands agricoli.Dal 1990 the castle is an evocative hotel.


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