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Castello Belvedere - Desenzano del Garda
The existence of the Castle is sure since 1149 A.D. It was destroyed in the XIII Century during the war between Milan and ComoThe existence of the Castle is sure since 1149 A.D. It was destroyed in the XIII Century during the war between Milan and Como...
Desenzano of the Garda is today one lively citizen of approximately 25.000 inhabitants placed to the extremity the south-west of the Lago of Garda. To the center of a wide delimited gulf to the west from the height of the Mount Horn and to east from the peninsula of Sirmione, it is in a privileged geographic position from which the beautifulst European lago in its maximum extension can be admired. Toponimo the Desenzano derives from the Latin name of Decentius person, the owner of podere and the villa of IV the century of which today the diggings can be visited. V' is also one etimologia of popular origin: since the village is stretched along the declivity to collinare the toponimo comes connected with reduction. The Common one assumed puts into effect it them denomination in 1926 when, in the picture of I reorder of the local administrations, soppresso ancient the Common one of Handgun on the Garda (constituted independently at least from XIII the century) and the territory of this was aggregate to the Common one limitrofo of Desenzano of the Lago. The railway line Paris - Bern - Milan - Venice - Zagabria, the service of extensive courier also to the Veneto and the Trentino, the regular lines of navigation on the entire lago, casello highway ("Most serene" the A4 Freeway) and the vicinity to the airports of Montichiari and Verona render it a node of such importance that Desenzano can a.ragione be boasted of being considered "understood them of the Garda". Desenzano, therefore, is a locality that offers the possibility of an intelligent tourism, than is proposed to join to the rest and the divertimento one stimulating search of landscapes and fascinating historical-environmental memories. To this the vicinity of rich cities of artistic capolavori like Verona joins, Mantova and Brescia. Immediately to south of Desenzano the greatest morainic amphitheater of Italy extends, than it lend to distensive and healthy walks between hills to the search of colorful countries. Therefore to Desenzano, beyond resting themselves and enjoying the comfort a modern endowed city of a wonderful pedonalizzato historical center, short excursions can be programmed in order to vary just the stay. In less than an hour than time it is possible to catch up the Self-confident Mount (beyond 2.000 meters of quota), passing therefore quickly from the Mediterranean flora that alpine one. The lovers of the sport can practice the wind-surf, the mountain-bike, the free flight, the ski. For the young people and the untiring ones discotheques do not lack and plan bar, while less young they can take a walk on the lungolago or under you carry us of centers them Malvezzi public square. Of winter the climate is moderated and without fog and of summer the ristoro never does not lack the breeze that comes from the lago.


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San Bebedetto Po

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Passo Stelvio

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