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Castello di Casiglio - Erba
The existence of the Castle is sure since 1149 A.D. It was destroyed in the XIII Century during the war between Milan and ComoThe existence of the Castle is sure since 1149 A.D. It was destroyed in the XIII Century during the war between Milan and Como...
The physical characteristics and acclimatize them Historical origins of the takeovers The historical vicissitudes of the zone The evolution of the city morphology The lived one puts into effect them The historical-artistic preexistence The data generate them the Common one of Grass in prov. of Horn - it is situated in Brianza, to the northern margin of the great area waved occupied from conche the lacustrine pedemontane, to the center of a rather flat conoide (Slowly of Grass). The lived one mostly has been developed to the right of the Lambro and the west of the Vallassina Road and is lambito to south from the SS n.639 of the Lago of Pusiano and Garlate (that it connects Lecco to Como), beyond which some mostly industrial building proliferations are pushed however. The communal territory confines, from North and in hour sense, with the common ones of Faggeto Lario, Caslino d' Erba, Lambro Bridge, Castelmarte, Proserpio, Longone to the Segrino, Eupilio, Merone, Monguzzo and Albavilla, all in province of Como. The communal territory has a 1813 surface has, of which 718.91 it has. (39.65%)., they constitute the used agricultural surface, has. 344,24 (18.99%) the surface to forest and 163.81 has. (9.04%) that unproductive one. The liquid surface (Lago of Alserio: 28 have.) and the urbanizzata surface would have to pile to 586,04 has. (32.32%), in it comprised the areas with edificatoria vocation. The communal territory is pianeggiante single in proximity of the Lago of Alserio (Slowly of Grass or of the Eupili); for the remaining part it is to collinare and - in montuoso part also: in fact, it turns out comprised between quotas 260 (Lago of Alserio) and 1,304 (slopes of the Bollettone mount). Area city turns out formed from aggregation of several nuclei lives you which, expanding above all along roads that connects them and that if they circulate some, progressively they have extended, in some case knitting an other. It turns out some therefore more properly with than it lives to you, you sew from one irregular viaria weft, distributed to knight of the Lambro, but mostly to its right. In this situation it is indefinibile and lacking in sense a medium quota the city area in how much - if the consisting part more than it (the nucleus Grass - Incino) is developed between quotas 275 and 295 it is true also that the other nuclei giacciono nearly "all to higher quotas, comprised between 300 and i 350 m. The takeovers occupy, in fact, the collinari swells and even the slopes of the Bollettone Mount, with frequent signorili villas, encircled from widen parks and garden. The population resident to last census (1971) was of 15.636 (present 15,797); 16632 (2001); it turned out some therefore a density of 8,62 ab/' has, considerably advanced to the average provincial (3,48 ab/ha.). Grass must to its express development, beyond that to the amenity of the places, also to the happy position regarding the great regional viaria mesh, finding itself to average road of the route Lecco - Como (that it delimits the morainic bastion of the high Brianza) and to the crossing of this with the Milan road - Bellagio (Vallassina road).


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San Bebedetto Po

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Passo Stelvio

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