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L' Albereta Relais et Chateaux - Erbusco
L'Albereta is a place of absolute wellbeing. Demanding clients choose us because here, hospitality is regarded as a quest for every sensation that could possibly bring you to better health...
Situated to ridosso of the morainic amphitheater of the Sebino, of the Orphaned Mount and door of income to the plain, Erbusco probably must the name to its positioning in a grassy or wooded place (herba - el bosch - er bosch). The first takeovers go back al neolithic, but the history of it documents above all to an important roman period with stones to death, cippi and fregi some goddesses which are conserved to Brescia nella roman section del museum of Saint Julia or wall nella facade to you del palace del Mount of mercy. Placed on the ancient roman road that lead from Brescia to Milan, Erbusco was center of one station of pause (the mutatio tetellus), part of the route burdigalense, important pieve rural and feudo of the Martinengo family. The testimonies of its glorious one passed are collections are in the small historical, rich center of rests and buildings meant to you, are in the surrounding campaign, place of holiday of bresciane and from Milan noble families that they made you to build up villas and dwellings.


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San Bebedetto Po

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Passo Stelvio

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