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Castello di Zorzino - Riva di Solto
Zorzino Castle, enjoy a charming holiday in the wonderful natural scenery of Iseo Lake carefully restored and furnished apartments to let...
Extended E' to the feet of the hill of Solto. For the dolcezza of its climate its territory is covered the richest one and varies vegetation where they dominate uliveti and vineyards. An evocative end is the Bogn that with limestone cliffs disposed to lastroni vertical, forms the more singular and solitary insenatura of the lago. Characteristic it is the historical center, of typically medioevale system, furrowed from tightened alleys and underpasses that the structure remembers urban planning of some small ports of the Liguria. E' nearly impossible to go back to its origins; they exist reperti archaeological going back to the age of the stone that leaves to suppose that already preistorici people had insediati themselves in these lands. The Parochial Church, dedicated to S. Nicholas from Bariums, was constructed around to 1055. To leave from 1729 it began the renewal and widening work that finished with the consacrazione happened in 1880. It accommodates seicentesche and settecentesche burlaps; in particular the shovel centers them, with the Christ who appears to S. Nicholas, is of Or Pilati (1670), the NativitÓ situated over the greater door is of To Cifrondi (1730). The organ is an ancient Adeodato Boxwoods rifared around 1860. The chiesetta of S. Rocco it was constructed for ballot of the community in occasion of the plague of 1530; every year is goal of the processione, with the statue of the Saint, than is celebrated 16 August. To Zorzino, the Parochial Church is dedicated to knows Ippolito and Cassiano to you. Constructed in 1924 it has been consecrated in 1933. The Church of S. Bernardino of 1480 was visited in the 1575 from S. Carl Borromeo. It frescoes of the 400 attributed to G. Peter from Cemmo have been transferred in the parochial one. In the Chiesetta di Gargarino, XI-XII century, dedicated to the martyrdoms Ippolito and Cassiano it is the first church of the entire collina;si can admire frescoes of the 200.


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Passo Stelvio

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