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Castello di Luzzano - Rovescala
The Castello di Luzzano is situated in one of most beautiful spots of the area. It sits astride a hilltop at 270 m straddling the border between the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia...
This small country existed already in Roman age, in the 943 divenne property of the Bishops of Pavia who made it to train to Conti di Rovescala. In 1164 it was of property of the City of Pavia, allied faithful of Federico Barbarossa. For hundred of years it was conteso to the Pavians, from the Piacentino alliance - From Milan and more times its Castle and the Village were conquered and destroyed (Piacentino dominion in 1290). Galeazzo II Visconti in 1361 rebuilt it, and in the 1470 we find again an other Visconti (Caspar) owner of the territory. In the first years of the ' 500 and until at the beginning of the second half of XVIII the century it was property of Conti di Lomello. Of medioevale age, the Tower inserted in the rimaneggiato castle more times in successive ages (private room) is the only testimony reached until to we. Close to the rests of century walls perimetrali is a typical room could go back to the XIV - XV. The Parochial Church in "the low" part of the country was built up in the ' 700. In its territory it is produced between the others, an excellent red wine the "Bonarda", obtained from vitigno the Croatina, native species of the Oltrepò Pavian. Beyond to optimal wines, it is center of production of gustosi salumi.


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San Bebedetto Po

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Passo Stelvio

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