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The Castello di Luzzano is situated in one of most beautiful spots of the area. It sits astride a hilltop at 270 m straddling the border between the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia , with views over the hills of Oltrepo Pavese to one side and the Colli Piacentini to the other, and enjoys soils that support a large array of grape varieties and vield superb wines.
But that's not all. Various archeological relics from the earliest time, which continue to come to light in the area from time to time, show that it is one of Italy's oldest wine zones. Even the wine of Luzzano itself was cited as far back as 1000 A. D., on a parchement-written document which is kept in the Castle. Later, Luzzano's grapes and wines were frequently mentioned as important constituents of the prebendal payments to the monastery of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro in Pavia, to which Luzzano has belonged for over 1000 years.

The hamlet that forms the estate has, apart from the Castle, a beautiful Church, built in the neo-classical style, traditional workers cottages and the old Custom house which, recently, has been turned as a inn with sleeping rooms and a stylish restaurant serving local food with the great Luzzano's wines. In these ancient surroundings, with its 18th century cottages fully renovated, visitors can stay in small, delightfully furnshed apartments, which they may use as a base for exploring the area, seeped in history and beauty.
The Castle and its cellars are also available for those who wish to taste the estate's wine or deive more deeply into its production.
Visits to the new cellar are enlivened by its collection of modern art paintings, while in the old, mediaeval cellar guests can relive the history of the estate, with its origins stretching back to Roman times. An archeological site, which is still being worked on, shows a Roman Villa dating 1st century A.D.

Description, images, rates, online reservation and moreCastello di Luzzano web page



Castello di Luzzano
Loc. Luzzano 5 - 27040 Rovescala (PV)


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