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Hotel Roma Imperiale - Acqui Terme
The first information about Hotel Roma are dated 1870: at that time it was mentioned as a "House with two cowsheds, hall and archade on the ground floor and hayloft on the first floor" ...
3 stars Historical Houses
Hotel & Residence Talice Radicati - Acqui Terme
It is a wonderful XVth century house whose restoration ended in 2002. During the restoration, some Roman finds came into light inside the building...
4 stars Historical Houses
Grand Hotel Nuove Terme - Acqui Terme
The Grand Hotel Termae was established in 1891 in Acqui Terme and quickly became one of the most frequented throughout Europe, let alone one of the most famous hotels of the Belle Epoque...
The hot sulphur springs have been famous since this was the Roman town of Aquae Statiellae; the ancient baths are referred to by Paulus Diaconus and the chronicler Liutprand of Cremona. In 1870 Giovanni Ceruti designed a little pavillion, known as La Bollente (pictured), for the spot at the centre of the town where the waters bubble up at 75C. In the Roman period the place was connected by road with Alba Pompeia and Augusta Taurinorum (Turin). The local tribe of the Statielli had joined the Romans at an early period, but were attacked in 173 BCE and some were transferred to the north of the Po. In the neighbourhood of the town are remains of the aqueduct which supplied it.


"Finestrelle" forte...

"Finestrelle" forte... Nivolet lake...

Nivolet lake...



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