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Hotel Al Castello di Novello - Novello
Our hotel is a New gothic style Castle in a little village in the 'Langhe'. It is located in beautiful and peaceful countryside about 18 KM. (11 miles ) from Alba and 4 Km (2.2 Miles) from Barolo...
The historical nucleus of the country snoda on the crinale of the hill second a linear design. The visitor that crosses it along the main way, the axis on which the buildings were offered in the centuries, cannot not find that this country lived one its important history. It was in fact center of the Marchesato of the Getlteman of the imperial Carretto and feudo. Like Zaira, the "invisibile city" of Italian Calvin, Novello "does not say its past, contains it like the lines of a hand written in the chines of the ways", in the facades of the churches and of the houses, in the public squares and the roads that they give the center comes down towards the vineyards, the fields, the forest, the shacks and the constellation of the fractions (Bergera, Ciocchini, Corini, Late to you, Panerole, places that have one wine history and wine cellars optimal). In the ancient zone of lived to wedge shape the careful visitor it observes some house-strong ones, the doors to arc of access to the center, the parochial Church and the Church of the Confraternita, fate in ` the 700, the castle, the quattrocentesco palace, perhaps center of the Bargelli and between these famous testimonies of the architecture peasant, signs of a civilization that has been and is still mostly agricultural. Novello, country of history, art and vineyards, offers to the visitor the serenity of a return of life to human, an only landscape, rustic routes of trekking in an ecologically pure atmosphere to the discovery of calanchi, sources, pylons, nails head and the genuine kitchen of langa, rich measure of peasant sapori and refines to you together. Here the host is sacred as to the times of Omero.


"Finestrelle" forte...

"Finestrelle" forte... Nivolet lake...

Nivolet lake...



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