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Staying in a castle hotel in Italy or elsewhere is always a special pleasure, but even more so when it is in the heart of one of the foremost wine and gastronomic areas in the world, Le Langhe in Piedmont...
From Alba driving up along the course of the stream Talloria you will reach Sinio, a small rural village lying on undulating hills covered with fields and vineyards. It dates back to the Middle Ages and its structure is rather unusual within the Langhe area; the functional layout of the historical centre fits well the hill slope and, in past times, it had a defensive function too. The historical centre (built during the Middle Ages then restored and extended between the XVIII and XIX centuries) has a structure resembling an escutcheon: three parallel main streets (Via Cavour, Roma, and Loggero) vertically run through the village and meet in the lower part. On the transversal axis are Via Regina Margherita and Piazza Marconi. With reference to this escutcheon-like shape, the castle of the village, situated in the upper part, may be seen as a crown at the top of the escutcheon. Once the village had two gates: one near the parish church, the other at the junction of the three main streets.


"Finestrelle" forte...

"Finestrelle" forte... Nivolet lake...

Nivolet lake...



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