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4 stars Castles HotelsCastello di Leonina Relais - Asciano
The Castle of Leonina is located in the heart of the well-known Siennese Crete, dry air, limpid view on sweet rolling hills with no woods but occasional cypresses and wheat plantations...
The territory of the common one of Asciano is found to the center of that argillaceous hill system, to south-east of Siena, in the high one goes them of the river Ombrone, called Crete Senesi. The crete senesi they are of the characteristic undulations of the land of limestone nature, recorded from deep marked erosions and from nearly the total absence of tree-lined zones. They change color (from viola, to the gold, the white man) second the seasons and are how much remains of I found them of a little deep sea, absent by now from a million years. On the crete which prosper species vegetables odorosissima the marine Artemisa, the Polio, the Santoreggia, the Thymus; feeding the sheep to the pasture, such essences influence the taste of their latte ones, from which it comes in fact gained the much particular aromatic cheese of the crete, typical of these places. Of clearly medieval origins, the territory of Asciano was inhabited sin from the antichi times, like testifies the ritrovamento of one necropoli Etruscan. Of the life in roman age it remains instead in lived a great fragment of pavement to mosaic. The first news of Asciano in medieval age goes back to the beginning of VIII the century and they refer to the contesa between the bishops of Siena and Arezzo for the possession of some churches, between which the exactly Pieve di Asciano; in IX the century the castle was feudo of the Cacciaconti accounts, than just from Assžanum, the more important center of their possedimenti, took the name of Scialenghi. To the end of XII the century it passed under the dominion of Siena, than of it it made center of vicariato. The economic and strategic importance of the country favored the interest of the fiorentini that, in 1234, devastarono it. Subjected to the lordship of the Tolomei in the course of XIII the century, Asciano returned, to half of the 1300's, under the directed senese control until 1554 when, with to Siena, it entered to make part of the mediceo state. In the territory it came constructed to the Benedictine Mount abbey Greater Olive grove, founded in the 1313 from Bernardo Tolomei. The abbey was an important religious center, but also cultural and economic, becoming a particularly famous and vital one in the Rinascimentale period.


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Apuane Alps...

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