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La Canonica di Cortine - Barberino Val D'Elsa
In the area of Barberino Val d’Elsa, on the summit of a hill, 310 metres above sea level lie a group of houses and a villa which preserve the name of the ancient 'Castello di Cortine' (Castle of Cortine) attested to it in 1037...
Barberino Val d' Elsa is a common one of 3.864 inhabitants of the province of Florence. Its history is tied to the destruction of Semifonte from part of the Fiorentini in 1202. Its development was legacy above all to the fact to be on the Road Roman Direction that connected Florence with Rome. Its city shape is to elliptic plant and the two doors of access to the village are conserved (Roman door are integral, Fiorentina door are reconstructed). The Pretorio palace in numerous facade conserve coats of arms of XV the century. To signal also the Barberini palace and the Spedale of the Pilgrims.


Barberino Val d'Elsa... Castelvecchio..

Palio di Siena...

Garda Lake..

Apuane Alps...

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frLocalità Bagnaia (Siena)
frBarberino Val D'Elsa
frTorrita di Siena
frPortoferraio Isola d' Elba island
frCastiglion Fiorentino
frColle di Val d'Elsa
frCastelnuovo Berardenga
frCasole d'Elsa
frLoro ciuffenna
frSan Casciano in Val di Pesa Florence
frGreve in Chianti
frLoc. Spedaletto Pienza
frFigline Valdarno Firenze - Florence





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