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frRelais del Lago - Capannori
Set on the hills of Lucca along the wine road from Montecarlo just to Matraia, this is an ancient stone country house built about 1600...
The immense territory of the common Capannori extends between the pisani Plateau of the Pizzorne, Mounts and flat of Lucca formed from the draining of the lago of Bientina. The heights around to the capoluogo are scattered of numerous places fortify to you, castles and medieval towers, alternated to villas rinascimentali from the elegant ones and refined architectures. Constructed to a such altitude to render the cultivation of screw and ulivo possible, the situated ones fortify to you were not only military but true garrisons and own given over villages to agriculture. Many of the castles of the common one of Capannori are mention to you from the Chronic ones written by hand of the quattrocentesco historian Giovanni Sercambi. Between the fortresses that would have had to be repaired in order to contrast the advanced Pisa towards Lucca, the historian indicates the pieve of Task, the fortress of Sant' Andrea, the Vorno, Giusto Fortress Saint, of Guamo, the castle of Montecarlo, while between those destroyed in the 1313 from Uguccione of the Faggiola, condottiero of the pisani, remembers the castles of Task, of Vorno, Castelvecchio, Nossano.



Courmayeur... View of Aosta...

View of Aosta...

Aymavilles castle..

Aymavilles castle...

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