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frCastello di Spedaletto - Loc. Spedaletto Pienza
In the country near Siena there are places almost unknown, whose name, printed on a paper, make your heart beat, lost places among the Tuscan hills, where the luxurious nature with its thousands of colours and shades make you recall the past memories and make you dream...
The history of Pienza closely is tied its founder: Pope Pio II, to the century Enea Silvio Piccolomini, than you nacque in the 1405 from parents members of the noble senese family that the political backs had confined in the campaign property. Then the Corsignano was one borgata fortified already known in roman age that, still before, remote abitatori had chosen like primitiva residence leaving traces abundant of their passage, riferibili to the neolithic age of the advanced one and of the bronze. Enea Silvio Piccolomini, refined umanista and insigne, undertaken the career ecclesiastical and become Pope, wanted that in this place, that it had seen its birth, a city rose whose name remembered its papacy. II Piccolomini did not want one city any but a strongly worthy city center and in antite ideal with the other city that had it, with its family, unjustly neglected: Siena. Pretensions therefore that you plan famous and outcry artists worked to a plan in which they were implicit the canoni constructive and philosophical of an age that was opened rich of promises: the Italian Rinascimento. In single three years, from 1459 to 1462, Pienza, the City of Author, the Ideal City, the City rose Utopy. The been born city "from a thought of love and a dream of beauty" as Giovanni wrote Pastures. Difficult to say that what would have become Pienza, if the Pope were not prematurely scomparso to the eve of one crossed against the Muslims. It was 14 August 1464. In three years and means the nucleus and something more of the "city of Devout" by now were been born. "Corsignan de' Ladri", the borgata one of frontier that already the Boccaccio had remembered in its celebre novel of Cecco di Fortarrigo, could change to name and image thanks to its large protecting one


Barberino Val d'Elsa... Castelvecchio..

Palio di Siena...

Garda Lake..

Apuane Alps...

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