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In the country near Siena there are places almost unknown, whose name, printed on a paper, make your heart beat, lost places among the Tuscan hills, where the luxurious nature with its thousands of colours and shades make you recall the past memories and make you dream. One of these memories of the past time is situated in the centre of Val d'Orcia, the ancient Castello di Spedaletto (Castle of Spedaletto). It was built in the XIIth century by monk Ugolino da Rocchione along the ancient Via Francigena, the main street of communications in Europe, as a hotel for the travellers and the pilgrims who were going to Rome and as a fortified farm. From 1236 the castle was one of the hospitals of Santa Maria della Scala of Siena and it was called Spedale del Ponte dell 'Orcia (Hospital of the Bridge of River Orcia) and you can still now see the ruins of the old bridge in the middle of the river Orcia. Its strategic position made the castle very important and many people left money for it. The Spedale had excellent guests, for example Carlo Il d'Angio'and Papa Pio II (the Pope wrote a special Papal bull for the Church of Spedaletto). In the XVth century the castle was rebuilt and fortified.
The castle of Spedaletto is now Agriturismo La Grancia by the Carlettis, and it is a peaceful place for your holidays. The farm-castle La Grancia has two locations: one in the old barn outside the walls of the castle, and one in the cloister, in the castle. All the rooms have old furniture and a bathroom with shower.

Description, images, rates, online reservation and moreCastello di Spedaletto web page



Castello di Spedaletto
53026 Loc. Spedaletto Pienza (SI)


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