La Canonica di Cortine - Tuscany

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In the area of Barberino Val d’Elsa, on the summit of a hill, 310 metres above sea level lie a group of houses and a villa which preserve the name of the ancient 'Castello di Cortine' (Castle of Cortine) attested to it in 1037. The word 'cortine' comes from neo-Latin; from the term 'curtis' meaning court. Cortine, this very ancient Tuscan castle, stands among vineyards, olive groves and woods on the watershed of the Elsa and Pesa valleys.

Here the silent magic treasure of a thousand years of collaboration between a generous soil and an extraordinary line of descendants is preserved. Oh Guests of this ancient abode, now is the time to lose yourselves in these surrounding lands which are rich in traces of Etruscan roads and memories of Roman conquerers. In medieval Tuscany Cortine was an important meeting point between Florence and the Via Francigena for Rome; it lies very near the scene of the deadly duel between the council powers of Florence and the aristocratic pride of Semifonte. In 1260 the people of Cortine were forced to contribute an onerously high quantity of their precious grain to support the Florentine army in their Montaperti campaign. As a result the small village church later became enriched with beautiful works of art, four of which are presently preserved at the Museum of Tavarnelle. It was not until 1774, by virtue of a Grandducal regulation, that the people of ‘San Lorenzo a Cortine’ became incorporated into the Community of Barberino Val D’Elsa.

Description, images, rates, online reservation and moreLa Canonica di Cortine web page



La Canonica di Cortine
4 stars / country villas
50021 Barberino Val D'Elsa (FI)


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